Engaging Islam INSTITUTE

for Long-term Workers among Muslims

Upcoming Engaging Islam Institute Events:

The Engaging Islam Institute is a two-week, in-depth course to prepare believers for work with Muslims locally and around the world.  The Boulder, CO course is held at Horizons International's U.S. headquarters, and covers 10 days of practical teaching and discussion.  The Lebanon course, held MENA Headquarters in Beirut, Lebanon, not only covers the same theological and practical instruction, but includes 3 full days of hands-on evangelizing and proclaiming to real Muslims on the street.  

A must for those committed to missions or ministry to Muslim populations. Learn under experienced teachers and fruitful evangelists such as Georges Houssney, founder and president of Horizons International.  Don’t miss this interactive and exciting course.  

2019 Registration NOW OPEN!

Register for Engaging Islam Institute now! For more information, keep reading—or contact us at training@horizonsinternational.org for questions and information.

Whether you are in full time ministry, or simply have a desire to learn more about ministry to Muslims—don’t miss out on these incredible training opportunities.

what we teach

Engaging Islam Institute is a comprehensive course meant to prepare Christians from all walks for ministry to Muslims. We cover a wide range of topics, some of which are listed below.  For a more in-depth look at what a typical Engage Islam Institute would cover, take a look at our 2017 Schedule!

  • The Current Status of Islam in the World

  • Seeing Islam Through the Eyes of Jesus

  • Biblical Missiology

  • Introduction to Islam

  • The Rise of Islam and its Periods of Expansion

  • The Life and Character of Muhammad

  • Understanding Folk Islam

  • How to Explain the Gospel to Muslims

  • Discipling Converts from Islam

  • Spiritual Factors in Evangelizing Muslims

  • Islamic Politics, Culture and Religion

  • Islamic Sects

  • Approaches in Ministry to Muslims

  • Contextualization of the Gospel into Islamic Culture

  • Women in Islam

  • Eastern/Western Thinking

  • How to speak to a Muslim

  • Church Planting

  • Discipleship (Cubs to Lions)

three elements of Training

Academic: Morning lectures provide a wide spectrum of subjects including history, theology, and apologetics.

Practical: Afternoon workshops explore different evangelism approaches. Case studies by missionaries feature Muslims in areas such as Turkey, Morocco, Kosova, Yemen, Iran, The U.S., and more.

Spiritual: Throughout the day we also emphasize worship sharing, and a spiritual challenge highlighting the roles of faith, prayer, boldness, and the Holy Spirit.

Who Should Attend?

  • Anyone interested in Muslim ministry

  • Missionary Candidates

  • Missionaries on furlough

  • Church missions directors

  • Missions committee members

  • Perspectives students

  • Seminary students

A Note from our pResident

Dear friends, 

Reaching Muslims is certainly the toughest challenge facing the church of Jesus Christ today. In my forty years of ministry among Muslims, I have experienced both success and failure. Our passion is to train the next wave of missionaries and equip them with knowledge, faith, and boldness. Many of our students leave with this comment: “My ministry will never be the same.” I invite you to take the time to be well-prepared to face the challenge of Islam. You will be glad you did.

-Georges Houssney

“I thank God for your training which has made all the difference. We’ve had fewer teammates leave from discouragement and we’ve seen more fruit from our ministry.”
“Thank you for guiding those who desire to work in the Muslim world. I know many people are trying to find a way to engage Islam—you guys have the answer.”