What is Engage?

Engage is a practical 10-week course that will transform your heart, so that you can transform your church or campus, by giving you the love, understanding, and confidence, to share the gospel with Muslims around you! God has placed the lost in the places where they can reach out and find Him (Acts 17:26-27), and he has chosen to place them near you!

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Engage course participants will gain confidence in contrasting and comparing Biblical and Muslim worldviews. They will learn approaches to diagnosing the personal needs of Muslim men and women and how to share Christ effectually and graciously. Students will be encouraged and empowered to preach the Gospel to all nations. Participants will then design their own ministry and prayer plan, personally and for their church or campus group. 

Former students are engaging Muslims with the gospel in international student and refugee ministries around the world. Many are serving short and long term in the Middle East. Others are discipling new believers from a Muslim Background.

“Satan would like us to believe that Muslims are unreachable in order to discourage us and instill a spirit of defeat into God’s children. Until we have given Muslims the opportunity to hear the Gospel we cannot say that Muslims are resistant.

Thousands of Muslims have come to Christ in the last decade alone, in response to preaching, teaching, radio, correspondence courses, and Bible distribution.

The Internet has penetrated thick walls that two decades ago were thought impenetrable.”
— Georges Houssney, Engaging Islam

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