Discipleship for Christians with a Muslim Background

Cubs to Lions is designed for both new and mature believers from Muslim backgrounds. Participants receive solid personal teaching from Middle Eastern teachers that will help new believers grow into solid, mature Christians and train mature believers to become disciplers and teachers.

A Message from our President

Georges Houssney, President, Horizons International

Georges Houssney, President, Horizons International

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

We understand the numerous challenges you face as a Christian from a Muslim background. Adjusting to a new community, facing persecution, and developing a Christian worldview are only some of the many issues covered in our training. Coming to Christ is exciting. Remaining in Christ is difficult. Why? Because living the Christian life requires transformation of our minds, hearts and lifestyles. This requires discipline and training. I want to invite you to join us for a week of teaching designed particularly for believers from Muslim backgrounds. You will learn biblical answers for the real and unique problems you face. 

                                                                                             In Christ, 

Georges Houssney