What is Battle For the Hearts?

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The video training series was first released in 2001 to facilitate evangelism by empowering local churches in Africa and throughout the world, to reach out to Muslims. It features interviews with experts, dramas, and testimonies.

Battle For The Hearts offers the church a bold and in-depth look at:
•    the origins of the religion of Islam
•    Islam’s beliefs and practices
•    the life of Muhammad
•    apologetic arguments between Islam and Christianity
•    practical methods Christians can use to share the Good News with Muslim neighbors.

Battle For The Hearts is made up of the following parts:
Islamics         (episodes 1-4)
Apologetics   (episodes 5-8)
Pragmatics    (episodes 9-12)

Source material which provided the basis for Battle For The Hearts was authored by Gehard Nehls of Life Challenge Africa and brings together teaching from leading Islam experts around the world. Through the series they share their knowledge and practical experience in Muslim evangelism. This is a solid teaching tool, and yet is appealing in the way creative and visual elements are used to drive home the learning points made throughout the series.
Christian evangelism to Muslims will only impact the world of Islam if the local church and lay leadership accept responsibility for reaching out to their Muslim neighbors. Our reason for producing this series is to empower you with a deeper understanding of Islam, who Muslims are, and how you can reach out to them effectively with the Gospel.

This series is not meant to be shown or given to Muslims to watch as it deals with subject matter which will be offensive to most Muslims and could work against your efforts to reach out to them. It is designed for Christian Audiences who desire to effectively reach out to Muslims.


The following sell DVD sets in English and/or French in NTSC or PAL format.

NTSC format (North America & Japan)

Engaging Islam sells to the USA.

TWR Canada handles requests only within Canada PAL format (pretty much everywhere else)

Life Challenge in Kenya carries the English and French series on DVD and USB memory stick formats and can serve Europe, UK and Australia upon request. Contact info@lifechallenge.de (or kontakt@lifechallenge.de for enquiries in German).

Christian Concern for Muslims is based in South Africa (contact service@ccm.org.za to arrange payment and shipping if you have problems).