Engage Course


A 10-week course designed to help Christians effectively communicate the Gospel to Muslims. Click to watch and find out more!

Engaging Islam Intensive Course

Go deeper in your understanding of ministry to Muslims with these interactive and exciting week-long courses on Evangelism and NEW Discipleship featuring material from Georges’ soon-to-be published book. Whether you are in full time ministry, or simply have a desire to learn more about ministry to Muslims—don’t miss out on these incredible training opportunities. Read what previous attendees had to say:

“I thank God for your training which has made all the difference. We’ve had fewer teammates leave from discouragement and we’ve seen more fruit from our ministry.”

“Thank you for guiding those who desire to work in the Muslim world. I know many people are trying to find a way to engage Islam—you guys have the answer.”

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Engaging Islam – The Book

Georges Houssney (Treeline Publishing, 2010)

Georges Houssney’s new book, Engaging Islam, alerts Christians to the challenges and opportunities of reaching Muslims worldwide. Learn how to engage Muslims, understand them on a personal level, and gain an understanding of the role we have as Christians to boldly preach the gospel with conviction. Inspirational stories of transformation and personal testimonies will touch your heart and encourage you to engage Muslims like never before.

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